Meet Rachel Mackey

RM Pic 1RM-familyNo political double-talk.
No high-powered political consultants.
No fancy wardrobes.
No face-lifts.
No limos.
No artificial ingredients.

Rachel is a plain-spoken attorney, wife and mom. 

She’s a reasonable, rational problem solver.
She speaks the truth.

“Substance over Style”


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Rachel’s Story


“Dear Little Hell-Raiser”

…and so begins Chapter One of

The Rachel Mackey Story

Rachel’s compelling life experiences are revealed, beginning with a 1955 letter from her grandfather (Chapter 1). Rachel’s story (6 chapters) culminates with her decision to use the tough lessons learned as the foundation for her “Outside The Box” campaign for TN State House District 44.

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Plain Talk – The Issues

(Where I stand)

Health Care

  • I support Medicaid Expansion; My opponent voted to REFUSE expansion of Medicaid, denying benefits to 300,000 Tennesseans. including 25,000 veterans.

  • I support medical marijuana; My opponent voted to refuse access to medical marijuana, placing the interests of Big Pharma over those who suffer from chemotherapy side-effects, hard to manage epilepsy, and individuals with chronic pain conditions.

  • I support Medicaid expansion for increased quality treatment facilities, community education and support for those who have fallen victim to Tennessee’s Opioid epidemic.  My opponent seems to view this epidemic as simply a Law and Order issue to be resolved by cracking-down and punishing victims of this epidemic.

  • I support access to affordable reproductive health care.


  • Tennessee is 10th in gun violence, 4th for women killed by men, and 1st in child death due to improperly stored guns. Unacceptable!

  • I support assuring comprehensive universal background checks for EVERY gun purchase.

  • I support banning the sale of any new assault weapons in Tennessee.

  • I support Red Flag Laws to provide help for those who may cause harm to themselves or others.

  • I support the implementation of safe storage laws.


  • As a parent with a child in the Sumner County Schools, I know first-hand the challenges facing our students and teachers. Our schools lack the fundamental resources for our students to succeed.

  • Our teacher salaries are $10,00 less than the national average.

  • Our failing testing system reduces classroom instruction time and produces unreliable results.

  • I support increasing teacher pay.

  • I support increasing the availability of early childhood education programs and expanding after school programs.

  • I support adequate resources for our classrooms.

  • When our young people are prepared to go successfully into trades, careers or college, our entire community benefits economically and socially.


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